Central Church
a year ago

The Power, Privilege & Responsibility Embodied in Prayer

Functional Faith

Functional faith is faith that works in any situation in life. It does not work for us to be saved, but it works because we are saved. Functional Faith helps us have joy in the midst of our trials, asks for wisdom when we need it, makes us doers, not just hearers only, keeps us humble, cares for the less fortunate, directs our tongues, causes us to show mercy, protects us from petty fights, helps us not be consumed with the things of this world, gives us perspective on today and tomorrow, enables us in endure the worst of life, prays for others in need and preaches the gospel. Functional faith is real faith that can only come from a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ. So “Do you have it?” and “How are you using it?” The book of James helps us understand how faith is functional and sustains us in any contingency in life.